Training Services

An evaluation appointment is needed to assess your dog, in order to see what service will be most beneficial. Services are offered as in home private training session or an in kennel board and train program.

In home private lessons for you and your dog are available on a lesson by lesson basis, or lessons can be contracted in a 5 or 10 session package. Lessons last between 40 minutes to an hour, depending on your dog’s personal needs.

Basic Obedience Training
This program is an introduction for your dog to begin to learn the training commands in a positive and reward based manner.

Advanced Obedience Training
This program continues to focus on the commands already learned in Basic Obedience, the dog also learns to work in real world environments, and to ignore the distractions of people, cars, animals, and focus solely on their owner.

Puppy Training
Our puppy training program is for puppies who need to be introduced to basic training. Our puppy training program will allow your new companion to get accustomed to new environments and begin to learn basic commands all while simultaneously helping you build a connection with your puppy. We don’t train the owner and puppy together, but we will teach you how to implement and reinforce the commands and trainings into your puppy’s everyday life. This will help strengthen your bond with your new puppy as well as the quality of your puppy’s life. 

Off Leash Training
This program is for dogs who have progressed through the Basic and Advanced Obedience Training programs. It is necessary for the success of this program for your dog to be responding to your commands at a high degree, and that you have established a bond of respect and leadership with your dog.

Boundary Dog Training
Boundary training will help teach your dog to stay out of certain areas of your home or yard. This type of training can take several weeks before your dog is fully trained.

Behavior Modification
This program is for dogs who are exhibiting unwanted behavior other than general disobedience. Such as aggression, (towards people or dogs), fearfulness, guarding, and separation anxiety. The training can be conducted either in the comfort of your home or with our kennel and board training program option.

Therapy Dog Training
In order for your dog to become a therapy dog, it must complete both basic and advanced training. Therapy dogs are very beneficial and not only have to be incredibly well trained but also have to know how to handle receiving an abundant amount of attention all while remaining calm and behaved. Our trainer at Wolfen1 can help your dog become therapy trained so that they can accompany you wherever you may go (schools, nursing homes, hospitals, ect.). Learn more about our program today. 

In-Home Dog Training
In-home private lessons for you and your dog are available on a lesson by lesson basis, or lessons can be contracted in a 5 or 10 session package. Lessons last between 40 minutes to an hour, depending on your dog’s needs.

In Kennel Board and Train Program
This program is for owners who wish to have their dog trained for them, or for dogs with behavioral issues. It lasts a minimum of 6 weeks (depending on the dog), and takes your dog through the Basic and Advanced Obedience Programs. Along the way, you will have a meeting to discuss dog psychology, and the importance of keeping up your dogs training, and will sit in on a lesson so you can see your dogs progression. Towards the end of the program you will begin lessons with your dog, so you can learn their program, and also to establish yourself as your dogs leader. You will also have follow up lessons after you take your dog home, to ensure the transition period is going correctly.

Dogs that are to be advanced for off leash, or with certain behavioral issues, will require a low level remote training collar. Only top of the line collars are used, and will require an additional fee.

* Your dog will be staying at Mine Hill Kennel in New Milford, CT. for this program. The owners of Mine Hill Kennel live on site and personally oversee the care of your dog during their stay.