Attention getters – Used to train dog to look and pay attention when you say their name.

Sit – dog is expected to sit where told until release command is given.

Down – dog is expected to lay down where told and remain in position until release command.

Come – dog is expected to come and sit squarely in front, within easy reach and touching distance.

Climb – dog is expected to climb up onto designated climb area. dog can at this point sit or lay down as long as they do not leave climb area until released. *This command is good for use for cars, vet offfices.

Place – the dog is expected to go to a designated area such as a mat and remain until released. place is a command to be used when you want your dog to remain for extended time periods.

Heel – dog is to walk on your left side and end up sitting with dogs shoulder next to left knee, paws and feet pointed in same direction.

Free – free is the release command, dog is allowed to move around at will until next command is given.

* We do not use a stay command because dog is expected to stay in a given command until they are given the release command.