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The Wolfen1 Difference

The Wolfen1 training program is a thorough training program designed to maximize the dogs learning to make the commands an auto response. The dog is trained using voice commands instead of hand signals, because when you need your dog to listen the most, their attention is focused on something else.

The dogs initial training of 5 days each week for 4 weeks, is done entirely by Sharron to ensure the dogs recieve the consistency and repetition they need.

The program also provides the owners with a minimum of a week for training with their dog to learn how to keep the dog listening to them. The owners are also taken out in the real world to work under distractions so they can feel confident they know what to do when their dog is out in public.

“I train every dog with the love and care as if they were my own. My sole focus is always what is best for the dog.” – Sharron Lang

Obedience training

The dog is taught the commands of sit, down, come, heel ,climb and place. Puppies are also taught leave it, and drop it.  Puppies are started at 4 months of age, and adult dogs of any age are trained. The obedience program is done in  1 stage only because Wolfen 1 believes in giving the owners a fully trained dog.

Offleash training is also included in this if the owner wishes it.

If special commands are needed Wolfen1 will be happy to help with that.

“There is no such thing as an untrainable dog, and I am happy to prove that too you!” – Sharron Lang

In Home Program

The dog is trained at the owners home, outside is preferred weather permitting.

Owners are not needed to attend the initial training of the dog, but I am more than happy for them to watch if they like.

There are some dogs with serious behavior issues that cannot be trained at home, and will require an in kennel program.

In Kennel Program

The dog is trained onsite at Mine Hill Kennel in New Milford, CT. They are worked in the kennels fenced in yard.

The kennel owners live onsite, so the dogs are closely looked after. The owner will do training with the dog at the kennel before they go home, so the dog understands their owners are in charge when they get back home

Therapy/Service dogs

I am happy to provide this specialized training service, the program length is based on what is required for the dog to learn. Please contact me to talk about these options.

Consulting Services

For those who need help setting up for a new dog, crate training, or any other general advice I am happy to stop by and talk with you. Consultation fee is 60 an hour.


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