Wolfen1 is an expert dog training service based out of Brookfield, Connecticut. Sharron Lang, our founder, started Wolfen1 with the goal in mind to break the barrier of communication between dogs and owners. We offer a variety of dog training services and programs to fulfill that very goal. Each training program is tailored to the needs of each dog to ensure an effective learning experience.

“Thank you Sharron Lang of Wolfen1 Dog Training for getting us started! Our dogs have gained so much confidence in new situations!”

Communication Is Key


Communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship. This especially goes for the relationship between dog and owner. Wolfen1 is dedicated to helping owners communicate with their dogs through thorough and focused training. By getting training for your furry companion, you will be better able to engage with your dog, while being sure that when the time comes, they will listen attentively to you. Dog training is essential in being positive that your dog, and those around it, are safe.

We offer many different training programs depending on the experience of each individual dog. The exact commands your dog learns will depend on the training you choose for them, however, the following is an example of a collection of commands your dog may learn:

  • Name Recognition – Used to train dog to look and pay attention when you say their name.
  • Sitdog is expected to sit where told until release command is given.
  • Downdog is expected to lay down where told and remain in position until release command.
  • Comedog is expected to come and sit squarely in front, within easy reach and touching distance.
  • Climbdog is expected to climb up onto designated climb area. dog can at this point sit or lay down as long as they do not leave climb area until released. This command is good for use for cars, vet offices.
  • Placethe dog is expected to go to a designated area such as a mat and remain until released. place is a command to be used when you want your dog to remain for extended time periods.
  • Heeldog is to walk on your left side and end up sitting with dogs shoulder next to left knee, paws and feet pointed in same direction.
  • Freefree is the release command, dog is allowed to move around at will until next command is given.
  • *Stay is not a command that is taught, as your dog will be expected to stay in their current command unless instructed otherwise*

No Bad Dogs, Only Bad Behaviors

Dogs can pick up bad habits and behavior as the result of a number of different factors. Possible factors that can cause bad behavior include separation anxiety, fear, and a lack in proper diet and exercise.

The good news is that, most often, these undesirable behaviors can be corrected through Behavior Modification Training. Through the proper training, and the right reinforcement, bad behaviors can be worked out and stopped. No more jumping on strangers, excessive barking, or chewing on furniture. If you have a dog with habits that you’d like to change, reach out to us on our contact page.


Dynamic Dog Training

No matter the size or breed of your dog, Wolfen1 is prepared to train them. We offer a large variety of training programs suited for different dogs at different stages of training. If your furry friend is new to our world, then they are most likely best suited for Puppy Training. If your dog is a bit more grown, then, depending on its level of training, Basic or Advanced Obedience Training is probably your best bet. Assuming your furry friend has already undergone advanced training, the more adventurous owner may consider Off-Leash Training.

If you are looking for training more specific and advanced past that point, perhaps looking into Therapy Dog Training that Wolfen1 offers. This training requires that your dog has already had all levels of obedience training, and also that your dog has a calm and relaxed temperament. Dogs that get anxious and aggressive easily around new people and environments are not suited to be therapy dogs.

Wolfen1 wants to make sure that you have access to dog training if you need it. That is why we offer private training sessions for drop-off and in-home training sessions. We also work with the Mine Hill Kennel in New Milford to provide access to an In-Kennel Board and Train Program for a 6-week-minimum stay.

service dog

Expert Dog Training From Wolfen1

Wolfen1 is here to help you build a better bond with your buddy by opening a clear sense of communication. Whether you have an impressionable, young puppy in need of some direction, or an older dog with a chewing problem, we are dedicated to helping you. We will work with you to get your dog the training it needs. If you have any questions about our services, or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at 203-788-6148 or reach out to us on our contact page.