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If you’re looking for a training program that is the most convenient for your new puppy or dog, our in kennel & training program could be the best option for you. 

A majority of trainers are afraid to deal with behavioral problems or the rehabilitation of dogs. Not here at Wolfen1. We specialize in providing our clients with expert dog training advice and lasting results. 

Your dog will be boarded and trained daily at the Mine Hill Kennel in New Milford, CT. For this program, the owners of Mine Hill Kennel will personally care for your dog during their duration of the program. We serve clients in Brookfield, Danbury, New Milford and throughout Western CT.

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    “Thank you so much Sharron Lang for your dedication and hard work over the past 6 weeks! Benny and I both appreciate all of it and will continue to follow all the new rules you’ve taught us. I will highly recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for professional puppy/dog training in the future! It was a long 6 weeks but worth every minute!”

    What We’ll Teach Your Dog during the Kennel Training Program

    During dog boarding for basic training, your companion will be taught basic commands like sit, down, heel, or come. We can also address behavioral issues such as jumping, pulling off the leash, running out the door when it is opened, getting on top of counters and much more. Training sessions will be tailored toward the improvement of your dog and what characteristics need to be attended to.

    Programs we follow: 

    • Attention Getters
    • Sit Methods
    • Down Methods
    • Heel & Come
    • Properly Teaching Climb
    • Place

    Each of the commands we focus on will be completed in a controlled environment to help your dog understand exactly what is expected of them. Once we see improvements we will start to introduce your dog to environmental distractions they will be in contact with. This can include people, traffic or other dogs.

    Behavior Modification:

    Dogs in behavior modification are put through obedience training where they learn to let go of their issues and look to their owner for guidance. Outings are provided as needed.


    What We’ll Teach You

    When it comes down to it, your dog isn’t the only one that will need training. By separating yourself from your dog, you might start to become overwhelmed or concerned about your relationship with your companion. 

    We can assure you that your dog will enjoy our kennel and dog training services, and a 6-week program will not alter their perception of you in anyway.

    When a dog is left untrained and neglected, behavioral issues become a huge problem and it’s better to face them head-on than ignore them. After undergoing our training program, you’ll worry less about how long they’ve been gone and focus more on how they’ll have professional obedience training and behavioral training. 


    The Purpose of Kennel & Training Programs

    A kennel and training program revolves around separating a dog with its home and boarding them with a professional trainer. This can either be in a facility (such as is the case with Wolfen1) or an in-home training program. Our program start a minimum of 6 weeks until we see improvements in the obedience training or behavioral training of your dog. 

    By enrolling your dog in this type of program, your pet will receive hands-on training on a regular basis. This is also a great opportunity to introduce your dog to interacting with other dogs. Although your dog will not be trained in groups, they will constantly be around other dogs in the kennel. When the training period has been completed, your dog should be fully trained and responsive to basic commands as well as positive shifts in their behavior.


    Benefits of Kennel & Training Programs

    When you enroll your dog in our kennel and training program, the only thing you will need to provide is food. The kennel we utilize for our program in New Milford will make sure that your dog is well-fed and comfortable during their stay. 

    By using motivational training techniques through basic and advanced obedience training we’ll be able to retrain or assist your brand new dog with the skills to learn proper commands and how to act around other dogs. Our trainers can visit your home in Brookfield, New Milford, Danbury and surrounding towns.

    We Are Your Experienced Dog Trainer

    Our puppy training services are available in Brookfield, Danbury, New Milford and all the surrounding towns. We can visit you in your home, so no need for you to drive. You can give us a call to get started: 203-788-6148.

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