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I have been passionate about dogs my entire life. From a young age I adopted shelter dogs, which fueled my interest to become more involved in helping shelter dogs. I volunteered my time to work with dogs in need, which then led me to work with them professionally. As an animal care specialist, I knew that I wanted to be doing more to help make the lives of these dogs and their owners more fulfilling.

I decided to expand on my many years of experience by attending the Professional Dog Trainers Course under the expert guidence of Chris Byrne and Dan Hartley of Stonehill Kennel, www.k9one.com, in Goshen, Ct. Between them they have over 40 years of dog training experience. While attending their Professional Dog Trainers Course, which is an intensive five months of hands on dog training, I learned to understand how the dog’s mind works, what motivates them, and how to achieve positive and lasting change of their behavior. The techniques I learned revolve around the development of a good relationship and clear communication through the use of obedience training.


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