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At Wolfen1 training and providing the best for your dog is not only a job, but a sense of joy and pride. Headed by Sharron Lang, the staff at Wolfen1, serving residents of Seymour, understands that your dog is a member of the family. And as a member of your family, your dog deserves nothing more than the highest quality training offered by Wolfen1.

Wolfen1 offers a wide variety of training and programs for your dogs in Seymour. These programs have been highly effective in training dogs for the many years Sharron has been practicing. Using the most adaptive and versatile techniques, Wolfen1 ensures the most effective training.

“Thank you Sharron Lang of Wolfen1 Dog Training for getting us started! Our dogs have gained so much confidence in new situations!”

Dog Training Programs We Offer In Seymour


So you just recently got a puppy? Splendid, it’s in these early stages when your young pup is almost irresistible to pet and play with. Soon you will realize, I need to train this young pup! Training a dog at a young age is the most proactive action a new dog owner can take. By starting your dog early, the puppy will learn basic commands, and while their brain is developing, see you as a trustworthy and capable leader.

Puppy training skill sets we follow:

  • Obedience training
  • Name recognition
  • Introduction to leashes, collars and road safety

These incredible skills are offered to any pup growing up in Seymour. Our puppy training services located in Brookfield, and serving the residents of Seymour, help you to start off on the right root with your new companion. 


Basic Dog Obedience Training

Using the most effective positive reward techniques, your dog will be introduced to the essential basic, introductory skills. This training will begin the important process of teaching your dog how to learn. This training paves the path to more advanced learning, and promotes the benefits of training.

Basic Commands:

  • Sit down
  • Come
  • Shake
  • Stay

This training is most effective in dogs that have matured. However, if your dog isn’t quite old enough, the puppy training services will directly prepare your pup for this program. Wolfen1 offers these essential dog training programs for any proud dog owners in the Seymour Ct area.


Advanced Dog Obedience Training

The advanced obedience training program offered by Wolfen1 for resident in Seymour will bring your dog’s training to a whole new level. With this training your dog will be taught to ignore exterior distractions and focus directly on you and your commands. This training involves a training level that not only enhances obedience but respect for the owner.

Advanced Commands: 

  • Stop
  • Back Up
  • Give
  • Speak

This program further develops the basic level of training. With advanced training you and your dog will grow a vital relationship status where you are the leader and the dog is your server. With this mentality, the possibilities for training expand and bring prospects of new horizons in their training career. Serving dogs in the Seymour Ct area, Wolfen1 is dedicated to bringing your dog to the status of advanced training.


Dogs are naturally free wild animals that travel in packs, and have very social lives. In direct consequence to this, when made into house pets the instincts they posses are often interpreted by us as bad behavior. Such bad behaviors could be howling, barking at friendly guests, and even trying to run around the neighborhood. This behaviors are easily learned, but require training to remedy.

Some behavioral signs that can be changed:

  • Agression
  • Fearfulness
  • Guarding
  • Seperation Anxiety

By engaging the situation head on, and seeking professional help. You will be empowering yourself by taking control, and fixing the problem. An aggressive dog can pose a significant problem, especially in the community of Seymour.


Therapy training is the biggest source of pride for Wolfen1 and our beloved customers. Therapy training for dogs offers an incredible way for owners and dogs to truly make a difference in people’s lives. A therapy dog visits homes, hospitals, and schools and seeks to bring the joy of interacting with animals to people in need of companionship.

Dogs with behavior problems or the inability to sit still and remain calm, are less likely to make the cut. A therapy dog must be friendly, gentle, comfortable around new people and remain calm in multiple environments.

To become a therapy dog, your dog must:

  • Complete basic and advanced obedience training
  • Enjoy meeting new people
  • Follow basic obedience commands like sit, come or leave it
  • Remain calm and still during visits  

Therapy dogs are often confused with service dogs, yet a therapy dog does not stay with one individual owner and assist them directly. Therapy dogs will constantly be in contact with new people, so they must have proper social skills, good health, and be comfortable with being touched. These incredible life changing skills for your dog can help you and the Seymour communities they live in.

Dog off leash training

Off Leash Dog Training


If you love to go on walk with your dog, whether at the beach, the park, are just around the block, off leash training is for you. Off leash training is in the best interests of dog and owner. You and your dog will both experience a sense of freedom, that a leash only works to dismiss.

Off leash training should only be considered once basic and advanced obedience training programs have been successfully completed. Your dog will need to be familiar with responding to commands at a high degree in order to properly be taught to walk off leash.

It’s a great feeling to be walking with your dog trailing right behind you, and just knowing, no matter what path you take, your loyal pup will tag right beside you. This incredible skill will have you walking through your Seymour neighborhood with ease and confidence.


Training your dog poses to becoming a monumental task.Doing so without the proper experience and patience. Wolfen1 is here to help the residents of Seymour with their training. Dog training is not only the dog learning, but you yourself as the owner learning as well. We offer a six week program at our New Milford Kenne, located at Mine Hill.

During this six week program, your dog will become extensively trained. Whatever program you choose, our training experts will cater directly and personally to your dog.

 Programs we follow:

  • Attention Getters
  • Sit Methods
  • Down Methods
  • Heel & Come
  • Climb 
  • Place

Dogs that are put through behavior modification training, will also undergo obedience training where we can reinforce good behavior and look to their owner for guidance. Around week 5, owners will be integrated into the training program, helping to make the adjustment from trainer to owner. Owners will then learn the program and make key adjustments to adapt to our training style, establishing yourself as the leader. Wolfen1 offers these caring and hospital services of inboard kenel to any dog living in Seymour, Connecticut.

Why Wolfen1 for Dog Training in Seymour?

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Whether you have a young puppy just learning to sit, or you have a great dane who has attachment issues. Wolfen1 is here to train and improve the lives of both you and your dog. Over the years the techniques and training programs have evolved into a very proactive training program where high success rates proceed the work.

Wolfen1 is a dedicated and trusted dog training team. Your dog will not only be a part of your family, but the Wolfen1 family. Your dog, and your dog’s success is highly important to us. We dedicate ourselves to obedience and communication. Now is the time to take action and start the wonderful process of getting your dog trained. We offer these prestigious training techniques to proud dog owners in Seymour, and throughout Connecticut. Don’t hesitate, Call Now.

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