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Sharon Lang, head trainer of Wolfen1 has developed specialized dog training programs in the Oxford area for years. Her comprehensive expertise engages canine behavior and psychology to work towards training and discipline. Her team of carefully selected and qualified experts deal with dogs of all sizes and breeds. At Wolfen1, we strive for success by dealing with each unique dog with care and specialized training.

Wolfen1 understands that a misbehaving dog will cause a lot of stress in an owners life. This stress is completely avoidable and can be fixed through training. When your dog becomes trained and obedient, it opens the door to happiness and satisfaction associated with dog ownership. Our highly efficient and effective programs will create communication between you and your dog, resulting in a trained and disciplined dog.  Wolfen1 offers these services for any dogs residing in the town of Oxford.

    “Thank you Sharron Lang of Wolfen1 Dog Training for getting us started! Our dogs have gained so much confidence in new situations!”

    Dog Training Programs We Offer In Oxford


    Wolfen1 offers an excellent introductory class for your puppy. This course will teach you how to communicate with your dog and will address basic skills such as coming when called. This program will enhance your puppies socialization skills and open your dog’s mind to problem solving and responding to commands.

    Puppy training skillsets we follow:

    • Obedience training
    • Name recognition
    • Introduction to leashes, collars and road safety

    Basic Dog Obedience Training

    Located in Brookfield CT, Wolfen1 offers Basic Dog Obedience for dogs living in Oxford.Usually for dogs with no prior training experience, this class will teach basic manners and impulse control. This training strives to build relationships with the dog and emphasizes its focus on basic training skills that are vital for the dog training experience.

    Basic Commands: 

    • Sit down
    • Come
    • Shake
    • Stay

    These skills are very important as they are the foundation of dog training. When these skills are mastered by your dog it will expand their horizons and open the door to furthering their education. Wolfen1 offers in house training to the residents of Oxford.


    Advanced Dog Obedience Training

    Advanced obedience training,offered to residents of Oxford, is an interactive program for dogs who already have training to further their skills. This program strives to strengthen your dog’s behavior and provide consistency, and reliability in training. The topics in this class are focused on the mannerisms of the dog and seek to enhance the dog’s communication with the essential commands.

    Advanced Commands: 

    • Stop
    • Back Up
    • Give
    • Speak

    This training is important as it is the turning point where your dog goes from trained to well trained. Your relationship with your dog will be enhanced as your dog will respond to your commands. These incredible training programs are extended to any dogs living in the Oxford area. With our training center located in Brookfield, you’ll find Wolfen1 highly professional and experienced.


    Therapy trained dogs are dogs that go with their owners to volunteer at events. This could include visiting a nursing home or a school. This training which involves the owner and the dog will teach you two to work together to improve the lives of other people. However, not every dog is meant to be a therapy dog.

    To become a therapy dog, your dog must:

    • Complete basic and advanced obedience training
    • Enjoy meeting new people
    • Follow basic obedience commands like sit, come or leave it
    • Remain calm and still during visits  

    Therapy dogs will will be encountering people frequently. Therefore is it essential for them to possess great social skills, health, and be comfortable with being touched. Here at Wolfen1, we pride ourselves on giving people the opportunity to make a difference by training dogs in the Oxford area.

    Dog off leash training

    Off Leash Dog Training


    There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a dog running into a field in a rush of excitement and prancing the open field. As a dog owner this sight of freedom, a dog unconfined by fence or leash, can be a wonderful feeling. Despite this, you don’t want your dog to get too excited and run off into traffic, or run away. At Wolfen1, we offer the essential off leash training for your dog.With this training, you and your dog will further enjoy the beautiful nature of Oxford.

    Off leash training is an advanced skill that requires a higher degree of training and communication. This training will engage your dog with commands and skills which allow them to walk freely, and right by your side.

    With Off leash training your dog will not longer burden you with a leash, or the fear of the dog getting loose and getting into trouble. This level of obedience will resonate a sense of pride, mutual between yourself and the dog. Wolfen1 offers this incredible training to the residents of Oxford.


    Finding time can be very difficult in today’s society. Sometimes training your dogs is at the bottom of the to do list. Wolfen1 is here to help any dogs in Oxford. Dog training is not only the dog learning, but you yourself as the owner learning as well. We offer a six week program at our New Milford Kennel, located at Mine Hill.

    During this six week program, your dog will become extensively trained. Whatever program you choose, our training experts will cater directly and personally to your dog.

     Programs we follow:

    • Attention Getters
    • Sit Methods
    • Down Methods
    • Heel & Come
    • Climb 
    • Place

    Dogs that are put through behavior modification training, will also undergo obedience training where we can reinforce good behavior and look to their owner for guidance. Around week 5, owners will be integrated into the training program, helping to make the adjustment from trainer to owner. Owners will then learn the program and make key adjustments to adapt to our training style, establishing yourself as the leader. Wolfen1 offers these incredible services for any dogs living in the Oxford area.

    Why Wolfen1 for Dog Training in Oxford?

    Wolfen1 is a dedicated training team that has encountered dogs of all personalities and abilities.

    Our experience has allowed us to grow and to expand our training programs to be able to train dogs from insolent and poorly behaved, to owners being able to walk freely in the park with the dog with no leash, and no fear of the dog causing trouble. Our diversified and effective programs have evolved to master and build upon your dog’s skills. We offer help to any owner and will work with any dog. Your enhanced relationship with your dog begins here, with Wolfen1, offering premium dog training programs to any dogs living in the Oxford area.  

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