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Wolfen1 has been recognized as one of the best all round dog training facilities on this side of Connecticut.  We provide expert training advice for dogs of all breeds and sizes here in our facility serving New Haven County and offer a wide range of training services and programs.

Founder Sharron Lang began Wolfen1 with a focus on bridging the gap of miscommunication between owners and dogs across the board.  She oversees all the training operations and is steadfast in her commitment to make a difference in the relationships between owners and their trusted pups.  With a variety of training services and a commitment that will simply not be matched, Wolfen1 has proven to be highly effective and successful throughout the years. Our programs are versatile and adaptive and present effective learning results for not only our furry clients, but their owners as well.

    “Thank you Sharron Lang of Wolfen1 Dog Training for getting us started! Our dogs have gained so much confidence in new situations!”

    Dog Training Programs We Offer in New Haven County, CT


    For our special clients who have now taken on an added member to their families, we are on hand to help with all the necessary training.  We know full well the importance of proper training and raising your dog to be not only friendly and compatible, but indeed a perfect fit for your family.  To accomplish training needed, we highly recommend you start your puppy’s training early on. Many people tend to put off training which can be detrimental to owners, pups and families.  With that said, since puppies have natural and innate abilities to follow directions and instructions, beginning their training early on can only reap positive results.

    Puppy training skillsets we follow:

    • Obedience training
    • Name recognition
    • Introduction to leashes, collars and road safety

    Our puppy training services in New Haven County help you start off on the right road with your new companion.


    Basic Dog Obedience Training

    The programs we offer are many and begin with a basic dog obedience training program.  In this program, we focus on basic introductory training skills. The program helps to stimulate your dog both mentally and physically and prepares your pup for ongoing advanced training.

    Basic Commands:

    • Sit down
    • Come
    • Shake
    • Stay

    Though the training is typically suited for dogs that are more mature and developed, a revised version of this program that we offer here in our New Haven County facility will most assuredly benefit your young puppy as well since revisions are toned down a bit to meet the mental and physical needs of very young puppies.


    Advanced Dog Obedience Training

    Once basic obedience training is completed, we then provide an advanced obedience training program that teaches your dog to ignore the many distractions created by people, cars, and animals, and help them to focus solely on their owner. This training program is an extension of the basic training level and instills, in your dog, a greater sense of respect for their owner.


    • Stop
    • Back Up
    • Give
    • Speak

    The training program provides a more advanced training level that teaches your dog a roster of advanced commands to help them be responsive while remaining focused on their owners and having no regard for surrounding distractions.  


    Though it is common for dogs to acquire bad behavior patterns through neglect or plain resistance to training techniques, we here at Wolfen1 in New Haven County are dedicated and trained to help reverse this mindset.  We utilize appropriate training techniques that encourage your dog to be responsive to your commands.

    The ‘bad behavior’ training we provide is focused on the specific needs of your dog whether bad behavior stems from your dog not having proper exercise, your dog’s lack of social skills, fear of any type or simply the fact that your dog is just not properly disciplined.  Regardless the source, we have the solution!

    Some behavioral signs that can be changed:

    • Aggression
    • Fearfulness
    • Guarding
    • Separation Anxiety

    When your dog lacks proper training or discipline, it is important you, as the owner, take charge of this situation.  To remedy the problems at hand, reach out to our professional, friendly team here at Wolfen1 in New Haven County. When you choose one of our specialized one-on-one training programs for your dog, rest assured our trainers will introduce and encourage proper behaviors and actions over a period of time.


    In the case of therapy dogs, our team is skilled and trained to provide all the needed companionship skills.  Whether a therapy dog is needed in a nursing home, hospital, school, or retirement home, we are definitely the team for you.

    Regardless of the breed, age or size of a dog, our team can provide appropriate therapy dog treatment to help them succeed in providing companionship to those in need. The key factors that come into play for a therapy dog are temperament and personality; both of which we give a great deal of focus.

    A therapy dog must be gentle, kind, friendly, calm in varied environments and comfortable being in the presence of new people.  With that said, dogs that display any type of behavior problems or lack the ability to sit still and remain calm, are less likely to succeed at becoming therapy dogs.   

    In order to become a therapy dog, your dog must:

    • Complete basic and advanced obedience training
    • Enjoy meeting new people
    • Follow basic obedience commands like sit, come or leave it
    • Remain calm and still during visits  

    Therapy dogs are often confused with service dogs.  The difference is simply that a therapy dog does not only provide companionship to one person but rather to multiple people.  They often come in contact with a variety of people, which is why their social skills, good health and their willingness to be touched is an absolute must.  A service dog serves one specific individual as opposed to multiple persons.

    Dog off leash training

    Off Leash Dog Training


    If you like spending time hiking, running or wandering in large fields, then off leash training is a must do for the adventurous dog owner.  However, off leash training cannot be incorporated or completed until such time that your dog has undergone and successfully completed both the basic and advanced training programs since the need for responding to commands at a very high level is essential to the off-leash training protocol.

    The off-leash training program, we afford here at Wolfen1 in New Haven County provides owners with greater control of their companions and ease of mind even in light of distracting scenarios.  Should you become separated from your dog, your worries are none once they have undergone our specialized off-leash training program.


    For new puppy owners, finding the needed time to train your new pup can be a challenge in and of itself.  Not only can it prove to be difficult for the typical puppy owner, but indeed can be quite an inconvenience as well. 

    We offer a variety of training programs, including a specialized 6-week training program that is held in New Milford at the Mine Hill Kennel. At the Mine Hill Kennel extensive training, whether basic or advanced obedience training, is provided by the Kennel’s owners who personally give focus to your dog’s training.     

    Programs we follow:

    • Attention Getters
    • Sit Methods
    • Down Methods
    • Heel & Come
    • Climb
    • Place

    As part of this specialized training program, dogs undergo behavior modification training as well as obedience training that is used to reinforce good behavior and teaches dogs to look specifically to their personal owners for guidance. When your dog has reached week 5 of this training program, we integrate owners into the program as well, to allow for an easy transition from trainer to owner. We educate and train owners on how the program works and point out necessary adjustments that need to be made in order to adapt to our specialized training style.

    Why Wolfen1 for Dog Training in New Haven County, CT?

    If you have recently purchased a new puppy, or are in need of basic or advanced training for your dog, then surely you have come to the right place.  Here at Wolfen1 in New Haven County our years of experience in training and disciplining dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds speaks for itself. 

    Here at Wolfen1 dogs and owners alike are our #1 priority.  We are committed to implementing and/or improving relationships between owners and dogs and to enhancing the lifestyles of both.  If you prefer in-home training programs, then please inquire during your conversation about our effective in-home dog training programs as well.  We look forward to serving you and your dog and to encouraging happy and healthy owner/dog relationships.

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