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Dutchess County Dog Training Services

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At Wolfen1, our dedicated team of qualified dog trainers takes tremendous pride in our highly effective and successful training programs for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds.  We are committed to enhancing the relationships between dogs and owners and to providing needed insight to owners to maintain those very relationships.

Sharron Lang, founder and owner of Wolfen1 oversees all of our training programs.  With a primary focus on bridging the gap of miscommunication between owners and dogs, Sharon and the team strive to improve and enhance relationships between all our owners and dogs.  Here at Wolfen1 we provide versatile and adaptive training programs that are customized to meet the specific needs of both dogs and owners.

“Thank you Sharron Lang of Wolfen1 Dog Training for getting us started! Our dogs have gained so much confidence in new situations!”

Dog Training Programs We Offer In Dutchess County


We are also equipped to handle new puppy training for owners who find themselves short on time and patience to perform the necessary training. At Wolfen 1 we recognize the importance of helping your dog to fit right in with your home and family. We highly recommend training as early on as possible, since puppies have a natural and innate ability to learn and to follow directions and instructions. Early training helps to define your puppy’s personal behavior patterns.

Puppy training skillsets we follow:

  • Obedience training
  • Name recognition
  • Introduction to leashes, collars and road safety

We can provide you with in-house pupping training at your Dutchess County residence to help you start off on the right road with your new companion. 


Basic Dog Obedience Training

One of our most popular training programs here at the Dutchess County Center is that of our basic dog obedience training. This program focuses on basic introductory training skills and, over time, helps to stimulate your dog; both mentally and physically. Dogs must complete this program first, before they can move on to our advanced training program.

Basic Commands: 

  • Sit down
  • Come
  • Shake
  • Stay

The basic introductory training program is also used for training new puppies, but is revised to meet the specific needs of young pups. This specialized program is designed to meet the mental and physical needs of very young puppies, and is suited for puppies of all sizes and breeds.



Advanced Dog Obedience Training

Once your dog has completed our basic obedience training, they can then move on to our advanced obedience training program, which is designed to help your dog remain focused on your commands, despite surrounding distractions, and helps to create a greater sense of respect for dogs to owners.   

Advanced Commands: 

  • Stop
  • Back Up
  • Give
  • Speak 

In the advanced program here at Wolfen1 in Dutchess County, our trainers use higher levels of commands to teach your dog to be more responsive and to train them to remain attentive to their owners despite surrounding distractions.


For dogs who may possess varying forms of bad behavior, we here at Wolfen1 provide specialized training to help reinvent behaviors. Whether your dog’s bad behavior is the result of negligence, or a simple resistance to training, we are prepared to make a difference here at the Dutchess County Center of Wolfen1.  

Our advanced techniques are geared towards reversing bad behavior patterns, and presenting good behaviors over time. We teach your dog to be more responsive to commands and to remain focused, which ultimately improves behavior patterns for the better.       

This ‘bad behavior’ training technique has proven to be extremely effective and successful regardless of the source of your dog’s less than adequate behavior patterns. Whether they stem from not having proper exercise, lacking social skills, fear, or simple lack of proper discipline, we have the perfect training program for you.

Here at Wolfen1, we believe that no matter the source of the problem, we have the solution!

Some behavioral signs that can be changed:

  • Agression
  • Fearfulness
  • Guarding
  • Seperation Anxiety

If your dog tends to have little to no discipline, then surely they require greater attention and training to achieve required behavior results. Our friendly, professional team of trainers is steadfast in their commitment to meeting the needs of our clients and takes great pride in the effectiveness of our one-on-one training programs. These programs introduce good behaviors to your dog and, over time, help to redefine their behavior patterns.


We also offer specialized training in Dutchess County  for therapy dogs that are often found in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and/or retirement homes. The training we provide suits dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages, and is geared toward enhancing good temperament and personality.

A therapy dog must remain calm in varied environments, possess specific character traits that include being gentle, kind, and friendly, and also be comfortable in the presence of new people. Dogs that lack these traits and tend to be insecure or highly active would not be suited for therapy dog training.

To become a therapy dog, your dog must:

  • Complete basic and advanced obedience training
  • Enjoy meeting new people
  • Follow basic obedience commands like sit, come or leave it
  • Remain calm and still during visits  

A therapy dog must also exude high levels of calmness and stillness and enhanced social skills, as well as good health. They must also be acceptable to touch. Therapy dogs are different from service dogs in that service dogs are owned by one specific individual only.

Dog off leash training

Off Leash Dog Training


If you spend a good deal of time outdoors hiking and running with your dog, then you will want to participate in our off-leash training programs.

However, your dog must first complete basic and advanced training programs, and be highly responsive to advanced commands before moving on to off-leash training.       

The off-leash training program is focused on helping owners achieve and maintain greater control of their companions. This program provides know-how and security owners need if they should ever get separated from their dog during their outdoor adventures.


If you are the owner of a new puppy and find you simply do not have enough time or patience to train your pup, then you have definitely come to the right place. Our kennel, board and training program serving Dutchess County stands ready to meet the needs of both you and your puppy. Our dedicated trainers are equipped to get the job done for you and to prepare your newest family member for their new home and family role.     

We offer a wide range of dog training programs to choose, which includes our unique 6-week training program that requires your dog to reside at the Mine Hill Kennel in New Milford. The kennel trainers work diligently around the clock to train your dog and instill good behavior patterns over the 6-week period of time, and requires owners to participate directly at week 5 to aid in their dog’s transition from trainer to owner.        

 Programs we follow:

  • Attention Getters
  • Sit Methods
  • Down Methods
  • Heel & Come
  • Climb 
  • Place

The advanced training that is provided to your dog when at the Mine Hill Kennel helps to reinforce good behavior, teach obedience, and train your dog to only accept and follow commands from their personal owner. With that said, you can understand the importance of owners joining the program at week 5 to help with a smooth and easy transition from trainers to owners.

Why Wolfen1 for Dog Training in Dutchess County?

If you are in search of professional dog trainers for your puppy or dog, then the folks here at Wolfen1 can help. W Our dedicated trainers with years of experience in disciplining dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds have come to be known as some of the best all round trainers in the industry.       

To find out more about our effective training programs and our team of highly skilled dog trainers who visit the  Dutchess County area, give us a call today. 

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