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Wolfen1 is here to help your dog learn the concept of boundaries. Training your furry friend can feel like a burden at times, but it does not have to be. With our experienced trainers right by your side, your dog can learn how to stay in or out of certain areas in your home. By both you and your dog learning this technique, you can form a special bond and decrease stress.

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“Thank you Sharron Lang of Wolfen1 Dog Training for getting us started! Our dogs have gained so much confidence in new situations!”

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What is Boundary Training? 

Boundary training teaches your dog how to stay in or out of certain places. Although boundary training is not difficult, it is important to note that it does take some time at the beginning phases and requires control until the training is finished. 

Boundary training is important for your dog because once they understand and respect the boundaries, he will be much happier and “breaking free” will be much less desired. Containment methods such as a fence, simply confine your dog and do not teach them the idea of boundaries. Not to mention, many dogs are able to escape those barriers.


What We Will Teach Your Dog

Through consistent training and rewarding, we will teach your dog the idea of boundaries. By establishing a visible barrier around the area you do not want your dog to cross, we will then walk your dog on a leash around the area. We will be sure to award them for not crossing the barrier. We will keep repeating this process, with increased distractions, to be sure that your dog constantly follows directions and does not cross the barriers.


Completing Boundary Training

Completing boundary training takes several weeks on average. There will be times when this area will be in use. For example, if the room you choose is the kitchen, you may have to cook. This is a time to reward your dog for staying out of the area with a toy while he relaxes in bed or in a crate.

Boundary training is extremely beneficial for both you and your dog. Being able to trust that your dog will stay in a specific area will help you become less stressed and allow you to complete more tasks throughout the day without worrying that your dog is going to break free. Your dog will also be more respectful to you and the boundaries created. They will no longer have to urge to escape.

Why Choose Wolfen1? 

The trainers at Wolfen1 offer you and your dog a unique training that is catered to your needs. We understand that every dog is different and requires the comprehensive training they deserve. We provide you with a fun approach that helps you get closer to your furry friend and form a special bond. To learn more about our dog training programs at Wolfen1, please reach out to one of our trainers today. 

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