I Can’t Stop My Dog From Pulling On Their Leash

Dogs get easily excited, especially when they have a chance to explore, and extend their territory.  However, this can result in your dog pulling on their leash, and you accidentally choking them.  It’s every dog owner’s worst nightmare, inflicting pain on their dog.  If you find your dog pulls on their leash when you take them out for a walk try to make use of the following tips.  

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When Should You Start Dog Training?

Preparing your dog for a lifetime of fetching, socializing, playing and behaving can be somewhat of a real challenge for most dog owners, and especially for all those first-time dog owners.  With that said, the professionals here at Wolfen 1 Dog Training highly recommend, as do many veterinarians and trainers, that you begin puppy classes when your puppy is between 7 to 8 weeks old. We believe that an early introduction to healthy behavior patterns can and will make a significant difference not only in your puppy’s behavior, but also in their ability to move ahead to learn more advanced behavior patterns and skills.

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How to Teach Your Dog To “Drop It”

Tug-of-war is all fun and games, until it becomes a battle to get your dog to drop just about anything they can get their paws on. This behavior can make removing any object within your dog’s possession unnecessarily difficult and sometimes dangerous depending if your dog becomes aggressive when you try to take something away from them. If you continue to find yourself in a constant match between your dog, it’s time to consider teaching your dog the fundamental skill of dropping.

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4 Autumn Safety Tips To Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

As the leaves begin to fall and the heat begins to break, it’s the perfect time of the year to get outside with your dog. K9s and their owners love to enjoy autumn together by going for walks, hikes, and playing in the grass. But the fall brings added risks when going outdoors, and it’s important to maintain the right practices to keep your dog safe. Here are 4 autumn safety tips to keep your dog happy and healthy. 

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How to Train a Therapy Dog

Therapy dogs are an important part of society. They serve as companions, comfort, and guides for their owners. Dogs are naturally eager to be friendly to their owner, and therapy dogs are trained to evoke these qualities. Unlike a dog that is a family pet, therapy dogs have to be professional at all times without slipping up. Therapy dogs require specific training, but there are some underlying qualities that can point out whether or not a dog would make a good therapy dog. Here are five of those qualities that can help you determine if your K9 companion would be a good therapy dog:

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You, Your Dog, and a Pandemic

Taking care of your dog is a fun commitment during normal times, but during a public health crisis that responsibility is increased. Limited social interactions, stay-at-home working, and other factors all add up to create an environment than both you and your dog aren’t used to. Pets are great companions for getting through a crisis such as a pandemic, but it’s important to make sure their needs are met during and after the event. 

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4 Steps to Finding the Right Dog Trainer

Whether your dog has been around the block a few times or if they are still a puppy, having them work with a dog trainer is always a good idea. But with so many dog training options out there, it can be tough to figure out where to look. Not sure where to start in your search for the right trainer for your dog? Here’s four steps that you should take when looking for a dog trainer.

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8 Key Ways to Conquer Puppyhood

When bringing a new puppy into your home, speed bumps can be expected. With the proper training and setup, the challenge of raising a puppy can be exciting and rewarding. Those little balls of energy may seem daunting, but following these eight key points to conquering puppyhood will help you master the experience and enjoy every minute of it!

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How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Barking at Visitors?

dog barking in home

It’s not abnormal for your dog to bark at visitors to your home since they are remarkably territorial and think that someone at the door is actually an intruder, although it can be quite unsettling and even nerve wracking.  That is, unless, you take appropriate steps to train your dog not to bark at visitors at all. With that said the team of dedicated trainers here at Wolfen1 Dog Training wants to share some simple but kind and corrective actions you can take to effectively train your dog and over time make a positive difference in the lives of your dog, your guests and you.  

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