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Greater Brookfield Advanced Dog Obedience Training

Serving Brookfield, Danbury, New Milford and all Western CT with Advanced Dog Obedience Training

Your Trusted Advanced Dog Obedience Trainer

When you choose Wolfen1, you are given peace of mind knowing your canine will be provided with the exclusive and thorough obedience training they ought to have. At Wolfen1, our approach revolves around having fun and providing the specialized care you and your dog need to create a unique bond. We offer advanced dog obedience training for Brookfield, Danbury, New Milford and throughout Western CT.

In the advanced obedience training program at Wolfen1, we will bridge the gap between you and your companion by teaching them advanced commands while integrating you into the program. This way, your dog can begin to expect hearing those commands coming from their owner and to follow them. Soon enough, you will find yourself having a more significant and harmonious relationship with your canine by use of the commands learned in our qualified advanced dog obedience training program.

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    “Thank you Sharron Lang of Wolfen1 Dog Training for getting us started! Our dogs have gained so much confidence in new situations!”


    What We’ll Teach Your Dog

    In our Advanced Dog Obedience Training program, your canine will always receive the individualized one-on-one training they deserve. The program involves 15 advanced sessions involving all of the same commands learned in the previous basic training program with the addition of progressing off of food, working only on praise, and ensuring that your canine follows the commands and positions as instructed.


    What We’ll Teach You

    What makes the Advanced Dog Obedience Training program unique is that it incorporates you, the owner, into the sessions. This way, we can begin teaching you the commands your dog has already begun learning in our basic program. In turn, you will be able to properly communicate and cherish the best relationship possible with your furry friend.

    The main purpose of this program is not only to begin including you in the commands process, but to get your best friend used to the idea of you as their leader. All sessions in this program will transpire in a house or kennel.


    The Purpose of Advanced Obedience Training for Your Dog

    Every dog will respond to their owner(s) according to the way their respectful owner(s) behave towards their dog. Dog training is essentially futile if your dog listens to the trainer but ignores you. Therefore, owner instruction is the most salient component of these training sessions, ensuring that the commands your dog learns are still effective, even when the trainer is not present.

    The goals of this training session are to help the owner see and understand the dog’s behavior, and learn how their actions affect that behavior. Once this is accomplished, it becomes easier for the owner to achieve the desired behavior from the dog on a consistent basis.

    Additional Benefits of Advanced Obedience Training for Your Dog

    Many studies have shown that obedience training can do wonders for you and your canine. It not only teaches your dog to have healthy social interactions with other dogs, but with other humans as well. Providing your dog with obedience training allows for you to have a deeper bond with your dog, more easily manage your furry friend, and ensure the safety of you and your dog in future experiences. The primary purpose of obedience training is to give the dog owner peace of mind that the dog will respond to them in a positive way, so that they may enjoy a long and happy relationship together.

    We are Your Experienced Dog Trainer

    Our dog training services are available in Brookfield, Danbury, New Milford and all the surrounding towns. We can visit you in your home, so no need for you to drive. You can give us a call to get started: 203-788-6148.

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