owner taking dog for a walk with a leash

I Can’t Stop My Dog From Pulling On Their Leash

Dogs get easily excited, especially when they have a chance to explore, and extend their territory.  However, this can result in your dog pulling on their leash, and you accidentally choking them.  It’s every dog owner’s worst nightmare, inflicting pain on their dog.  If you find your dog pulls on their leash when you take them out for a walk try to make use of the following tips.  

Tips for Preventing Your Dog from Pulling

Keep a Short but Loose Leash
When walking your dog it is important that you don’t extend your leash too far.  Your dog will make use of all the extra length you give them, and try to explore.  However, if you keep your leash firm you will end up pulling on your dog, or cause them to choke and hurt themselves.  It is imperative that you give the leash a little slack.  This can help to make sure that your dog won’t venture far away from you, while also making sure you won’t injure them.

If you find your dog is constantly pulling away from you, it may be due to them being over excited. You may find pausing to be quite helpful in this circumstance. When your dog begins to pull away, stop moving. Once you notice your dog has stopped moving you can resume walking again. The key is to show them that if they want to go out for a walk, they can’t venture too far away from you. Positive reinforcement is a great tool to train your dog, that shouldn’t result in any negative habits.  

Watch Your Reaction
Be careful how you react to your dog pulling on your leash. Your first reaction may be to pull on your dog’s leash and guide them to where you want them to go. This can result in a minor injury to your dog, and may also send them the wrong message. Your dog will get the idea that pulling on the leash will determine where the two of you go, and pull more often. Your other other reaction could be to raise your voice, this however may get your dog to believe that you’re playing a game. Your voice getting louder will encourage your dog to keep pulling on their leash because they think it will get you to play with them. Both pulling on the leash and raising your voice are counterintuitive to what you want. If you don’t want your dog to pull on their leash it is important that you refrain from pulling on your leash and/or raising your voice.

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