When Should You Start Dog Training?

Preparing your dog for a lifetime of fetching, socializing, playing and behaving can be somewhat of a real challenge for most dog owners, and especially for all those first-time dog owners.  With that said, the professionals here at Wolfen 1 Dog Training highly recommend, as do many veterinarians and trainers, that you begin puppy classes when your puppy is between 7 to 8 weeks old. We believe that an early introduction to healthy behavior patterns can and will make a significant difference not only in your puppy’s behavior, but also in their ability to move ahead to learn more advanced behavior patterns and skills.

The Importance of Socialization Classes 

It is critical that puppies begin the entire socialization and behavior process as soon as possible, keeping in mind that it is also important that they have received at minimum one set of vaccines 7 days in advance of starting their first training class.  They should also have their first deworming before entering the training program.  Early socialization classes for your puppy can minimize or alleviate altogether any behavioral issues that can otherwise develop without the classes.  Many puppies who are not put into training classes early on often are faced with a number of issues such as phobias, fears, aggression and avoidance.  These behavior patterns can continue forward in their dog life and can get worse as these behaviors are ingrained into the dog’s daily routine.   

The Training Program

Here at Wolfen 1 Dog Training we strive to create individual programs that consist of training goals specific to the age and the needs of the dog as well as the overall needs of the owner.  We work alongside all our valued clients until all such goals are attained and continue our client-trainer relationship until such time that you, the owner, are comfortable to take on the dedicated role of trainer yourself. Most of our training classes early on are geared toward socialization and healthy play time for your puppy and toward ensuring that your puppy is developmentally ready to move on and learn more advanced everyday skills upon completion of the training program. 

In order for your puppy to be trained properly, or to change existing behavior patterns that are not healthy, your dog needs your attention, your commitment and your help. Putting your dog into an early training program is your first best step toward creating a happier, more fun-filled life for and with your dog.  While there may be specific trainers and breeders who feel differently about how to and when to train your dog, we firmly believe that the benefits of your puppy attending early behavioral classes will indeed far outweigh any potential risks.

The Professionals You Can Trust

To learn more about our customized dog training programs or to schedule a free consultation with one of our staff, be sure to contact one of our certified trainers today.  We look forward to talking with you and to making a positive contribution to a happier and healthier life for both you and your precious new puppy. Reach out to us at: (203) 244-7289.