You, Your Dog, and a Pandemic

Taking care of your dog is a fun commitment during normal times, but during a public health crisis that responsibility is increased. Limited social interactions, stay-at-home working, and other factors all add up to create an environment than both you and your dog aren’t used to. Pets are great companions for getting through a crisis such as a pandemic, but it’s important to make sure their needs are met during and after the event. 


Pandemics require lots of preparation for our own lives, but our K-9 friends need to be kept in mind as well. Many pandemics come with quarantine periods, and it’s important to prepare for those extended times alone. Be sure to stock up on enough dog food, medicine, and other items your dog relies on. 


Be sure to keep your dog active during a pandemic- just because you can work in pajamas doesn’t mean you get to be a couch potato! Make sure to follow local and federal health guidelines when taking dogs out for walks. In many cases, going for walks can be beneficial for the mental and physical health of both you and your dog. Breaking up the monotony of a pandemic is necessary. Since your dog will have less social interaction than usual, allowing it to get its energy out in fun interactions with you is important. Going for walks, playing in the yard, or playing in the house are all great ways to bond with your pet. 


When the majority of your time is being spent at home, it’s a great time to begin or pick up training for your dog. With limited distractions and uninterrupted schedules, dogs will be able to focus their attention for longer. It’s a great time to reinforce basic obedience training, or teach fun new party tricks for you and your dog to show off when social gatherings return. More importantly, it’s important that your dog begins training from a young age so that they will be well behaved during the added stress of a pandemic. 

Your Trusted Dog Trainers

To assure that you and your dog can get through a public health crisis, proper training is necessary. Wolfen1 offers basic obedience training, advanced obedience training, and puppy training. To learn more about our programs and certified trainers, call us today at (203) 788-6148